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That’s me up there, looking sharp (I hope). While anyone who knows me is probably used to me putting together a pretty polished package (fellow gym-goers DO NOT count), I don’t think anyone is aware of the resources that go into it. I’m not talking about money (although there’s been plenty dropped- thank you Visa, you are both kind and cruel) but about thought, of the creative variety. Hours spent considering trends, classic looks, shopping opportunities, garment availability (is that floral blouse still being held hostage at the cleaners? BALLS.) and new fangled combinations- this is just clothes, I will leave the topic of beauty for now. Despite the excitement it incites, I have hidden this passion under a sartorial bushel but this is to be no more. As I round out my twenties I have decided to OWN IT because while the topic may be superficial, the joy runs deep.

Fun times ahead…


31 responses

  1. Pinks are never my favourite colour but
    they certainly look well on you my friend…
    Do have an excellent rest of weekend 🙂


  2. Simply stunning! A lovely charm; exceptional sense of style and color. If that weren’t enough, the photography and settings are superb! I stumbled on this site Freshly Pressed. What a delightful discovery! Pure enchantment.

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  4. I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine and the One Lovely Blog awards, because you have an amazing sense of style and you always seem to have a big smile, rightfully earning these awards. 🙂

  5. I’ve been following your blog for quite some time and must say that I absolutely love your style! I’ve seen many people (both men and women) just buy clothes and then trash them later, not really appreciating the beauty that the clothes bring to them. For many years, I haven’t really cared about how I look, just as long as I look decent enough to be out in the open. However, I recently realized that it is much more than just looking decent, it’s about looking your best! And how can I look my best if I don’t have anything fashionable to wear?

    Keep up the great work! You’re AWESOME! 😀


  6. Love your blog and your style is gorgeous 🙂 looking forward to some new posts. Definitely taking some fashion advice from your pictures though!

  7. Love your blog. At first I thought ‘yay, pictures of pretty clothes’ but then I started reading the short blurbs you write alongside them – you’re a fantastic writer! Love your…ethos? Does that make any sense? Is it too late in the night, and I’m just making things up? Anyways, kudos. I look forward to seeing AND reading more.

    Martyna – spoolish.com

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