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Hi Kiddos! Over the course of my blog’s life, I have been meaning to do more beauty posts and the passing of my not-so-little milestone on Monday seemed like the perfect time to renew my resolution.

Through the first part of this year, I was using YSL’s Le Teint Touche Eclat. It undoubtedly gives a great finish. The one problem I continually encountered was its wear time.

I’d apply it with a primer and setting powder in the morning and by 2pm my coverage would start to fade. This problem became more intense as the mercury rose and so it was time to figure out plan B.

As my skin is sensitive. I am always cautious about trying any new products so instead I decided to give an old standby another go around. I had used bareMinerals’ classic foundation years ago when I first started to work in a corporate office and therefore wear a full face of makeup on a daily basis.

I actually can’t remember why I ever gave it up…it is so light while still having buildable coverage, gives a great pore-less finish and, most importantly, lasts from early morning until after drinks in the evening. This is one staple that I will carry over into the new season!!

I should also give an honorable mention to their bronzer. It’s wonderfully blendable and is a natural-looking red-based shade (as opposed to something in the dreaded orange family).


want big lashes? think small…

kevyn aucoin mascara volumeHello Friday Lovers (By which I mainly mean lovers of Friday, not people who have romantic liaisons on Friday- although I guess now I have to say good day to you too!) Today I am interrupting your regularly scheduled supply of cute outfits to bring you something I hope will change your world. OK, perhaps that’s a little OTT but it will definitely change the way you think of mascara, or at least it did for me.

Throughout my makeup consciousness (read: the last 15 years), when it came to mascara I have always been drawn in by what is new…some fresh innovation that is GUARANTEED to give me lavish lashes, the likes of which would make Twiggy jealous. We’ve had the ball-shaped brush, the brush with more curves than Jessica Rabbit, not to mention vibrating brushes lest you couldn’t master the side-to-side jiggle that maximizes each coat.With all these bells and whistles on the market, it’s no wonder that I took one look at the minimalist brush of Kevyn Aucoin’s Volume Mascara and was incredulous that beauty editors and makeup artists sang its praises.

Kiddies- I was blown away. It provides volume without clumps, it’s staying power is miraculous (I can only remove it with the help of warm water and a wash cloth) and it doesn’t have that irritating habit of dispensing tiny little particles into my sensitive eyes. How such a tiny wand can do such wonders I do not know, but I do know a weekend of social outings cannot be had without my new best friend.


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